GreeceBetween the years 2300 and 2000, Indo-Europeans moved south into Greece, and in the southern portion of Greece they conquered and made themselves an aristocracy over those who had migrated there many centuries before. These latest migrants are known as the Mycenae Greeks, who had gods similar to other Indo-Europeans, including a father god of the sky called Zeus, whom they believed held power over the entire world.

Aegean 300BCThe tyrant Pisistratus died in 527 and was succeeded by two sons who ruled jointly. In 514, a young aristocrat opposed to popular rule assassinated one of the sons, and some aristocrats attempted but failed to assassinate the surviving son, Hippias. Hippias retaliated, and some aristocrats went into exile. The priest at the principal shrine of the god Apollo, at Delphi, encouraged the exiled aristocrats by suggesting that Apollo was on their side. A leading aristocratic family from Athens, the Alcmaeonidaens, won the support of Sparta, and to do the will of Apollo, Sparta, in 510, sent an army that defeated Hippias and sent him fleeing to Persia.

Roman Empire 150AD
Among the various peoples who migrated southward across the Alps to the warmer climate and rich lands of Italy were Indo-Europeans whose language had evolved into Latin -- a language closely related to Celtic. These Latin speaking people settled along fifty miles or so of coastal plains and inland to the mountain range that runs down the Italian peninsula, and they settled among the hills that are now a part of Rome. These were hills whose gentler slopes would support wheat, whose steeper slopes would support olive trees, fruit trees and vineyards. Here, animals could be pastured. And in the marshy land along the coast and farther inland, the Romans drained the stagnant pools of water that they found,  making the area more habitable by eliminating malarial mosquitoes.

China and Japan
By 5000 BCE agricultural communities had spread through much of what is now called China, and there were agricultural villages from the Wei River Valley eastward, parallel with the great Yellow River (Huang Ho), which flowed out of the Kunlun Mountains to the diciduous-forest and loess soil region of the North China Plain. Where people were free of forest and had access to water they grew millet -- as early as 5500 BCE -- while they continued to hunt deer and other game, to fish and gather food. And they raised dogs, pigs and chickens. They built one-room homes dug into the earth, with roofs of clay or thatch: pit homes grouped in villages.  They had spinning wheels and knitted and wove fibers. And they made pottery decorated with art.

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