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Map of the war torn Old World On the international front, Germany, in late November 1936, had signed a pact with Italy and Japan: the Anti-Comintern Pact. This was not a formal alliance. Japan signed wishing to give support to Germany without having to join against Germany's enemies should war develop in Europe. Japan was hoping that a strengthened Germany would force Britain's withdrawal from Asia. 
Mussolini was grateful for Hitler's support concerning Ethiopia. He agreed to give Hitler a free hand in Austria. Hitler gave Mussolini his blessing for doing whatever he wished in the Mediterranean area. And the Stresa front -- between Italy, France and Britain -- was shattered. More...

JapansConquest1942.jpg By the mid-thirties, economic recovery in Japan was well underway, and in 1936 Japan had full employment. Arms production had stimulated the economy, producing a strong recovery, with the devaluation of its currency, the Yen, helping to bring a recovery in exports. The importation of luxury goods rose, worsening Japan's trade imbalance and Japan was forced to ship abroad nearly half of its gold reserves. Then the government cracked down on the importation of luxury goods, while it continued production for the military. 

Historic Macedonia was defeated by Rome and became a Roman province in 148 B.C. After the Roman Empire was divided in A.D. 395, Macedonia was intermittently ruled by the Byzantine Empire until Turkey took possession of the land in 1389. The Ottoman Turks dominated Macedonia for the next five centuries, up until 1913. 
Bulgaria joined the Axis powers in World War II and occupied parts of Yugoslavia including Macedonia in 1941. During the occupation of their country, Macedonian resistance fighters fought a guerrilla war against the invading troops. 
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Macedonian Scientific Institute, Established 1923

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